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From the Publisher

After years of suggestions to publish the resource directory on paper and get it out to the street in the hands of those who could make immediate use of the information rather than just have it available on-line and used mainly by service providers, I have begun that task. The ‘newspaper’ version, called Help YourSelf, will be the complete listing from the Compassion Resources Directory with the addition of articles, graphics and advertisers.

And I think this is a great opportunity for everyone who is aligned to the principles of restorative justice to contribute to the social welfare of our local community by helping sponsor a directory of resources for the under-served while promoting the good works being done by their own organizations.

So I’m asking please, consider placing an ad in this unique publication. I will be printing 20,000 copies of it as a 24 page 12″ x 13″ newspaper (about the size of the Thrifty Nickle) and I will be distributing them at over 100 locations throughout Pulaski County, from grocery stores, car washes and laundry mats, to government & non-profit offices and churches.

Let’s get that message out to the thousands who need help.

Thanks sincerely,

Robert Kim Combs
Publisher & General Manager


Welcome to the Web Directory of Help YourSelf: Community Resources Directory for Little Rock and Pulaski County, Arkansas.

Ask yourself… What can we do to help…???