“The answer is always going to be no, unless you ask,” Adam Weiss, Supervisor of the Mobile Crushing Division, Hamilton Aggregates, Inc., and keynote speaker at the upcoming Learn to Earn luncheon hosted by Help YourSelf Publishing, explained how developing his sales-skill fast-tracked his career in his chosen profession.

“When you know how and when and what to ask, you will almost always get a yes,” Weiss, who is also a lead heavy-equipment trainer with the rock-crushing and moving company, is featured on the luncheon agenda for Thursday, January 15, in Van Buren County, Arkansas.

“Our intention is to help alleviate Arkansas’s overcrowded prisons,” Robert Kim Combs, Publisher & General Manager of Help YourSelf, discussed the unique relationship between his publishing house, the self-help resources directory they produce, the Learn to Earn ‘sales training program’ they offer, and the Joe or Jane seeking to make a comeback from prison life.

Training as a sales professional, as per the Learn to Earn curriculum, includes skill-development with public speaking, customer service, information management, accurate record-keeping, doing marketing research and making presentations. Also included are ongoing assessments of competency to succeed and individual mentoring for remediation, all of which were, during a six-month series of legislative hearings on prison overcrowding and mitigating recidivism, identified as key competencies necessary for reentry success.

The 10am to 2pm, January 15th Learn to Earn luncheon addresses why and how the ‘sales training program’ component of the company’s business model cultivates self-reliant collaboration which, in turn, feeds community prosperity while at the same time ensuring the publication and distribution of the Community Resources Directory (CRD) produced by Help YourSelf.

Since it first hit the streets mid-October of 2014, the CRD has become sensationally popular with the general public (over 16,000 copies now in distribution throughout Pulaski County) and is cherished by the service providers whose listings it indexes, making their jobs easier and putting critical information directly into the hands of those who need and deserve it most.

Assistance program administrators, parole officers, church and good-works group leaders and civic officials are encouraged to attend the luncheon orientation and also to bring potential candidates for enrollment in the 6-week training program, which is offered free of charge.

For more information or to RSVP for the luncheon, contact Combs at 501-563-2197 or visit our Learn to Earn page.


NEWS RELEASE authored and distributed copyright free by Christine Beems, 223 Primrose Ln., Shirley, AR 72153; 501-745-4153. Please email questions and requests to christine@gozarks.com
Robert Kim Combs, Publisher & General Manager
Christine Beems, Editor-in-Chief
Billy Earnest, Marketing & Sales
Sue Pico, Volunteer Associate Editor VBC-CRD
Help YourSelf Publishing / Community Resources Directory / Learn to Earn

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