Van Buren County

Taking a brief intermezzo from posting the articles featured in v.2.n.1. of Help YourSelf, we take this moment in time to acknowledge the volunteer work of the Editor & Publisher of the Van Buren County Community Resources Directory, Sue Pico.

For starters, here is the current edition of the VBC-CRD in PDF format.

And here is a great example of the of the community resources that Sue catalogs, indexes, and spreads the good word about: 3 publications for SUCCESS… a program that, as Sue explains, provides a variety of seminars to help folks become more independent and find employment with cash incentives for participation and the money paid directly to the learner’s power company!!!

Success Brochure

OOI Brochure

Energy Assist Flier

Anyway, our hat is off to Sue and all the fine folks making great strides with helping people to help themselves achieve and sustain a comfortable, rewarding and convivial quality of life…

PS-S-S-S-S-T… Maybe its time for YOU to start-up a Community Resources Directory in your town…??? Sue says that compiling a directory for her hometown area has been of great value to her church-work, knowing what types of assistance are available to help meet local needs. (((hugs))) ~Christine




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