“Help YourSelf: Community Resources Directory,” is a highly specialized ‘information dissemination publication’ aimed to three objectives:

1) Deliver accurate information in an ‘easy access’ format about a wide variety of ‘help your self’ programs directly to disadvantaged persons and also to ‘good-works’ service providers.

2) Publish topical factual information addressing core issues of social success, ie: remediation of homelessness, therapeutic intervention, pro-active self-directed behavior modification, parenting skills, training for gainful employment, etc.

3) Build a ‘model business operation’ which equips workers with skill-set training, covers its own costs and equitably compensates workers by producing a high-quality publication that serves as an effective ‘restorative justice’ outreach tool for every individual and/or organization aligned to these principles.

ACCLAIMER of TRADENAME & COPYRIGHT: The name “Help YourSelf: Community Resources Directory” is the copyrighted tradename of Help YourSelf Publishing, a private, for-profit DBA partnership wholly owned and operated by Robert Kim Combs, Publisher & General Manager, and Christine Beems, Editor-in-Chief, who together are responsible for and reserve all rights pertinent to the production of this publication and all associated and/or ancillary derivatives.

International Standard Serial Number(s):

ISSN 2376-1237 (print)
ISSN 2376-1253 (online)

EDITORIAL & ADVERTISING POLICY: The Editorial Board of Help YourSelf Publishing reserves the right to decline listings and reject advertising deemed as inflammatory, accusatory, demeaning, derogatory, bias, bigoted, inciting fear or assaulting the character of any human being.

PUBLICATION CALENDAR & AGENDA: “Help YourSelf: Community Resources Directory is a 24-page full color tabloid with 20,000 printed copies published at the will of the Editorial Board and freely distributed throughout Little Rock and Pulaski County through listed service providers and at various other locations which are easily accessible to those who may benefit most directly from the resource info contained.

FEATURE CONTENT: Regular & Rotating Features

Community Resources Directory: categorical listings of emergency, transitional, and sustaining programs and services available in our local community including contact info and qualifying criteria.

“Top Picks” special and unique opportunities for assistance and/or to get involved.

“Profile Success” stories about real people who have successfully recovered from addiction, overcome homelessness, survived (and thrived!) subsequent to domestic violence, etc.

Guest Author/Article (issue/topic-centric)

Publisher’s Desk (editorial)

Debut Edition: Restorative Justice (topical focus):

Breaking the Cycle (Top Picks: ATAT & CARE)

Restorative Justice (Dee Ann Newell, guest author, issue/topic-centric)

I Love My Kids (Profile Success)

SNAP Benefits (food-stamps) and how to access them. (Top Picks)

Ongoing Themes:

How to Participate in our Participatory Democracy.

Looking outside of ourselves: Doing good for goodness sake.

PDF EDITION published online, freely available. Visit our PDF Editions page and help yourself…!!!

AD RATES: Visit our Advertising Page  -and- Click here to open our Advertising Description & Purchase Order in PDF.

SUBSCRIPTIONS & BULK COPIES: Single copies available by mail @ $4 each, postage paid. Bulk copies (50) @ $50 per bundle plus s&h. Sustaining Subscribers: $16 per year domestic, $32 per year international — all issues published during one calendar year. Payment must accompany request.


ROBERT KIM COMBS, Publisher & General Manager
1977 graduate of San Francisco State University, the thumbnail of his lifetime curriculum vitae includes:

  • Certificate in Object Conservation from the University of California Berkeley’s Lowe Museum of Anthropology;

  • Master of Arts in Museum Studies from John F. Kennedy University’s San Francisco Center for Museum Studies;

  • Doctorate in Information Sciences (all but dissertation) from the University of South Africa;

  • Distinguished career as a museum director including the design and development of the U.S. Army Engineer Museum in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and the design, development and administration of the 2nd Infantry Division Museum in Uijongbu, Republic of Korea.

Since relocating to Little Rock in 2008, he has become a potent advocate for guaranteed access to rehabilitative services for the homeless, effective reentry programs for ex-offenders and equal treatment under the Constitution for everyone.

Founder and Director Emeritus of Arkansas Time After Time (ATAT), he currently serves as Chair of the Policy & Law Committee of the Central Arkansas ReEntry Coalition, is an active participant on the Arkansas Act 1190 ‘Restorative Justice’ Commission and has independently researched, published and distributed the Compassion Resources Directory for Little Rock & Pulaski County (from which Help YourSelf: Community Resources Directory has grown) since inception.

See also: “Taking it to the Streets

CHRISTINE BEEMS, Editor in Chief
Long-time media & marketing specialist, editor/publisher (now retired) of gozarks.com (which debuted online April 19, 2000 and has been in continuous publication ever since) and lifetime independent business career professional, as a volunteer advocate her titles include:

  • Co-foundering director of the Professional Speakers Association of Michigan (1976);

  • Board member and officer of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Sustainable Agriculture Network (1990-1993);

  • Recipient of an Uppity Woman Award presented by the Arkansas Public Policy Panel (1993);

  • Co-founding member & secretary of the Holley Mountain Chapter of the United States Pilots Association (2002-2006);

  • Chair of the Public Relations Committee of the Central Arkansas ReEntry Coalition (2012-13);

  • Producer of the KABF “Voice of the People” meet & greet (2013) and the “Have A Heart for Advocacy” meet & greet (2012), both held in the Rotunda of the Arkansas State Capitol building.

SUE ALLEN PICO, Volunteer Associate Editor, Van Buren County Community Resources Directory

Sue is a gifted multi-disciplinary artist from Shirley, Arkansas who has made a lifetime career of mobilizing her talent to involve children and adults with the creative energy of art.

A Summa Cum Laude graduate from Northern State University of Aberdeen, South Dakota, with a double major in Fine Arts and Cumulative Art Education, Sue’s Visual & Graphic Arts workshops wander the realms of Literature & Poetry, Cartooning, Native American Tradition, Middle-Ages Heraldry, Calligraphy, and Art in Math and Science.

As an Artist Educator on the Arts in Education roster of the Arkansas Arts Council, Sue presents workshops for all ages around the state of Arkansas in public and private schools, churches, and
various other venues. Currently on the board of the Clinton Art Guild, Sue is also a member of the North Central Arkansas Artist League, the Poets of the Lake, and the Troubadours — a readers theater performing arts group.

Sue, who served for a decade as the executive director of the North Central Arkansas Foundation for the Arts and Education, continues her own professional development through enrollment in programs such as “Arts Inclusion: Engaging Special Needs Students in Your Residencies,” “Creating Ukrainian Eggs,” and “Connecting to the Common Core.”

“Over my career, I’ve presented workshops in South Dakota, Hawaii and Louisiana, and have been doing art workshops and teacher-in-service training programs here in Arkansas since 1998,” Sue elaborated on her professional history. “As an artist who is proud to support the efforts of Arkansas artists and craft-persons, I love to develop and teach a variety of performing, visual, and language arts programs. My personal art focus is watercolor painting, and drawing with stick & ink. My passion is giving children and adults the tools they need to create their own art.”

Facebook page: The Art Lady of Arkansas
Arkansas Arts Council: Artist in Education

~  ~  ~

Help YourSelf Publishing
P.O. Box 2764, Little Rock, AR 72203 ~ 501-563-2197
Robert Kim Combs, Publisher & General Manager (rkimc@hotmail.com)
Christine L. Beems, Editor in Chief (christine@gozarks.com)
~ ~ ~

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