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Van Buren County

Taking a brief intermezzo from posting the articles featured in v.2.n.1. of Help YourSelf, we take this moment in time to acknowledge the volunteer work of the Editor & Publisher of the Van Buren County Community Resources Directory, Sue Pico.

For starters, here is the current edition of the VBC-CRD in PDF format.

And here is a great example of the of the community resources that Sue catalogs, indexes, and spreads the good word about: 3 publications for SUCCESS… a program that, as Sue explains, provides a variety of seminars to help folks become more independent and find employment with cash incentives for participation and the money paid directly to the learner’s power company!!!

Success Brochure

OOI Brochure

Energy Assist Flier

Anyway, our hat is off to Sue and all the fine folks making great strides with helping people to help themselves achieve and sustain a comfortable, rewarding and convivial quality of life…

PS-S-S-S-S-T… Maybe its time for YOU to start-up a Community Resources Directory in your town…??? Sue says that compiling a directory for her hometown area has been of great value to her church-work, knowing what types of assistance are available to help meet local needs. (((hugs))) ~Christine




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Volume 2, Number 1

With a hale and hearty ‘hip-hip-hooray’, Help YourSelf: Community Resources Directory for Little Rock & Pulaski County, went to print (thanks to the awesome professional wherewithal of ALL the fine folks at Leader Publishing) on April 11, 2016…!!!

Nearly half of the 20,000 V.2.N.1. full-color 24-page newspapers are now in distribution (see Find Us for locations), thanks to the diligence and shoe leather of Help YourSelf Publisher & General Manager, Robert Kim Combs, who has been hot-footing it all around the community delivering bundles for the last month whilst I — being the lazy editor I am <smile> — vacationed with my kids in Japan.

Long story short, the PDF edition of V.2.N.1. is readily available for your online download, perusal and sharing. And if you would like to join our ever growing list of distributors, contact Kim,

(((hugs))) ~Christine

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Groups Rally for Re-entry & Prison Reform

PRESS CONFERENCE & PHOTO OP: 13 April 2016, 11am, Capitol Steps

NEWS RELEASE:  Groups Rally for Re-entry & Prison Reform

“Right now … if you leave prison, you get $100 and a bus ticket,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson said as he laid out his plans for the state prison system in February of 2015.  “That is really not going to help reduce repeat offenders from going back in.  They need an opportunity.”


On Wednesday, April 13, several dozen civic and social advocacy groups* and many members of the general public who are affected by these issues will rally on the front steps of the Capitol in a show of support for proposed reforms, such as the hiring of additional parole and probation officers, the creation of a transitional reentry center program and alternative (non-prison) sentences for nonviolent offenders.

Coordinated by the Central Arkansas Re-Entry (CARE) Coalition, the rally begins at 11am and features speakers from various agencies, organizations and groups which are somehow involved with the incarceration and reentry process.

“Because the impact of incarceration is so great on the individual, their families, and society as a whole, it takes an array of service providers, public policy experts, faith-based groups, community organizations, support services and mentors with lived experience to assist with transition to return to society and avoid the situations that lead to recidivism,” Robert Kim Combs, Chair of CARE’s Policy & Law Committee, explained the complexity of the problem. “No one entity can do it all and do it effectively.  This rally is to celebrate the wealth of people and organizations that are helping and to tell the story of the 56% of people who successfully return without re-offending.  Plus, we also want to acknowledge that many of these groups are working without government support.”


With respect to these collaborative efforts, an official Proclamation of the Governor, declaring April 13, 2016, as ARKANSAS COMMUNITY REENTRY DAY, will be presented and, concluding the presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to tour the Capitol, meet legislators and learn about their General Assembly.

For more information, visit or call (501) 444-CARE.

*partial list of advocacy groups supporting rally:

  • Arkansans Organizing for Justice
  • Arkansas Access to Justice
  • Arkansas C.U.R.E
  • Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice
  • Arkansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
  • Arkansas Community Organizations
  • Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
  • Arkansas Re-entry and Prevention Initiative
  • Arkansas Time After Time
  • Arkansas Voices of the Child Left Behind
  • ARVets
  • Broken Chain Ministries
  • Center for Artistic Revolution
  • Center for Women in Transitions
  • City Connections
  • Difference Makers
  • Disability Rights Arkansas
  • Diverse Youth for Social Change
  • Goodwill
  • I Too Have a Dream
  • Incarcerated Disciples
  • Interfaith Arkansas
  • Little Rock Catholic Diocese
  • Lucie’s Place
  • Open Door Outreach
  • Personal Empowerment Recovery Coalition Boone County Recovery Project
  • Philander Smith College Better Community Developers, Inc.
  • Recovery Centers of Arkansas
  • SOAR Network
  • The Arc
  • Veterans for Peace – Arkansas Chapter #978
  • Women and Children First

For more information contact Robert Combs (501) 563-2197.

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Fresh updates…

Happy to announce double-header updates <smile>… for starters, the most current PDF of the Van Buren County Community Resources Directory, compiled by all-around-good-person Sue Pico, is now available: click here. Huge thanks go to Sue for her diligent tenacity with updating and expanding the valuable community resource which, when she first published it in November of 2014, had barely 3 pages of listings and now is up to a whopping 10 pages….!!! Great work Sue….!!!! Now if we could just inspire the other 73 counties in Arkansas to follow suit…!!!

Also, the most current PDF of the Little Rock / Pulaski County “Compassion Resources Directory” (Resource Provider Edition) which contains all the service provider listings that will soon go to print in V.2-N.1 of Help YourSelf Community Resources Directory is now available for you to download and share: click here 

And if you ever wonder about what goes on behind the scenes of Help YourSelf… or what our illustrious Publisher does with (most of) his free time… just look to the nearest good-works project, community event or educational rally and somewhere there you will likely find Kim…


Open Door Outreach recently volunteered with the City Wide Cleanup on Saturday, March 12. Volunteers adopted a section of Main Street and made it look wonderful. An amazing group of ODOers (Kim is second from the right) came to help!

Open Door Outreach recently volunteered with the City Wide Cleanup on Saturday, March 12. Volunteers adopted a section of Main Street and made it look wonderful. An amazing group of ODOers (Kim is second from the right) helped!



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We CARE Rally April 13…!!!

rally_flier030716We care… Why should you…??? Listen to this short MP3, condensed from a KABF radio broadcast that aired live, 24 February 2016, featuring Help YourSelf Publisher & General Manager Robert Kim Combs being interviewed by It Could Be You host John S., chatting about the CARE Rally, the critical importance of implementing Restorative Reentry practices and the upcoming edition of Help YourSelf Community Resources Directory.

Then, click here to download a PDF of the Justice Reinvestment report, prepared by the Council of State Governments Justice Center on Arkansas’ incarceration rates and prison system, referenced by Kim in the interview.

And then…. click here to download a print & share PDF of the current flier (pictured at right) promoting the WE CARE Rally.

Thanks… we know that you care… <smile>… and now is the time to let our legislators and leaders with the Arkansas Department of Corrections & Community Corrections know, too… (((hugs))) ~Christine


We C.A.R.E. for our Communities RALLY

rally_notice021716Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 11:00am to 12:00noon, front steps of the Arkansas State Capitol, civic awareness rally to inform legislators and the general public about the diverse array of existing non-profit and faith-based organizations providing resources, programs and opportunities to empower our returning citizens and their families in developing stronger, safer communities. Share your advocacy and mission. Celebrate community and faith-based organizations who continually network in providing transitional services for returning citizens, veterans, the homeless and the children & families touched by reentry. To find out more about this exciting, positive rally, contact the C.A.R.E. Coalition at (501) 444-CARE, email, visit Central Arkansas Re-entry on Facebook and join in pre-Rally Planning, Saturday April 2nd, 2016, 12:00noon at the Willie Hinton Center, to unify message, develop signage and coordinate logistics for this great event. Click here to download and share a printable PDF flier…!!!

New edition in the works…

Dear Help YourSelf Readers, Supporters and Advertisers:

Many thanks to all who have asked about when our next print publication will come out. We are happy to announce that this is now in the works.

We are humbled that our debut edition of Help YourSelf: Community Resources Directory, 20,000 copies of which went to print in October of 2014 and was freely distributed throughout Pulaski County, was so warmly welcomed by professional social service providers, community advocacy networkers, and individual people seeking the means to help themselves become thriving members of a healthy society.

As you may (or may not?) know, we were preparing to go to print with our second edition in February of 2015. Then, in January that year, our Editor-in-Chief, Christine Beems, experienced a sudden-onset respiratory failure, clinically died, was resuscitated and took the past twelve months to recuperate. Happily, both of us are now busily at  work getting things in order for our next edition to go to print.

Still, ours is a tripartite business model and the third cog in the wheel of ”making things happen’ is you…

You, being a person with a good-works group, governmental agency, or private enterprise who has a budget to spend on educational outreach, dissemination of public information, or promoting community good will… we can only go to print with the dollars that come from your support as an advertiser in our publication.

Thus even if you, yourself, are not an advertiser, we invite you to take a look at the PDF of our debut edition and also at the PDF of our purchase order

Then share this information with someone you know to be supportive of this kind of collaborative community enrichment effort… and ask them, as a personal favor to you, to support the print publication of our Help YourSelf Community Resources Directory.

Again, thanks to each and every person who has shown and continues to show such tremendous enthusiasm for us to again put Help YourSelf in print.

~Robert Kim Combs, Publisher & General Manager, Help Yourself Publishing

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