Learn to Earn

“Learn to Earn” is an effective training program to equip willing individuals with the professional skill-set to build a lifetime career in sales.

learn_to_earn080614A career in sales is not limited by one’s academic background, requires no formal degree and earning potential is directly related to one’s willingness to effectively serve clients — a skill-set which may be mastered by anyone who is willing to invest the effort to learn.

We offer this training as a viable option for those leaving incarceration or otherwise experiencing difficulty securing a steady sustainable income to reenter the workforce on an equal-opportunity career path that will, given only the willingness to learn, carry the graduate beyond working as a contracted sales agent with our humble publication to secure quality employment with newspapers, magazines, radio & TV stations and a multitude of other businesses that employ professionals to make sales calls.

And as explained on the flier (at right, click image for large view), there is no cost, no fee, and no obligation to participate in Learn to Earn. To find out more, read our December 19 news release and then click here to download our PDF overview/outline and let us hear from you…!!!

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