Law Day

The overarching theme of the program agenda was akin to the message of the popular TV-show , Once Upon a Time: “Believing in even the possiblity of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.”


Law Day, held August 30, 2014 at the Willie Hinton Community Resource Center on 12th Street in Little Rock, brought together an informative program for those with various reentry issues, such as the renewal of voting rights, ‘reentry success’ stories, and how to conduct one’s self when stopped by a police officer or appearing in court.


The educational self-help assembly, was convened by Lewis-Burnette Employment Finders, Inc., headed by Darlene Lewis.


Attendees were greeted at the welcome desk and asked to sign-in.


A youth-sports basketball team stood in example of how effective organized activities are at keeping kids on the right track.

KTHV Channel 11’s Dan Grossman moderated the speaker presentations and panel.


Keynote Speaker, Cathleen Compton, Assistant Attorney General of the State of Arkansas, shared an inspiring story about a former inmate who had worked very hard to make a successful reentry into society and is now a professional with a DC-based advocacy organization.


Mark Behnfeldt, aka: “Mr. Clean,” stressed the importance of developing a good self-image and building self-confidence.


Little Rock attorney, Eric Spencer Buchanan, addressed the serious issues of what a person should do when stopped by the police or make an appearance in court.


A panel of three legal professionals, including Compton (center) and Judge Wendell Griffen (right) of the Pulaski County District Court, fielded questions posed by members of the audience.


After presentations concluded, attendees had the opportunity to meet with attorneys and representatives of various organizations and get personal questions answered.


Jean Thrash, of Arkansas CURE (Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants) chats with Brad Jakel of Ambetter Health & Wellness Solutions.


Angela Tolbert of the Arkansas Community Dispute Resolution Center and Reverend Eddie Swain, who gave the program’s Invocation.

See also the spotlight on “Darlene Lewis: Selflessly finding jobs for felons,” in the August 28, 2014, Arkansas Times cover story “Visionary Arkansans 2014” about people who are makin a beneficial impact in science, the arts and social justice. ~~~

2 thoughts on “Law Day

  1. AR-CURE says:

    Very nice recap of the event!


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