Women Against Registry (WAR)


Women Against Registry (WAR) exhibt booth at the November 2014 National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer (NACDL) Conference.

Women Against Registry (WAR) exhibt booth at the November 2014 National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) Conference.

Dear Members & Supporters,
The expected attendance for last week’s National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) Conference was about 300 but, Wednesday upon arrival to set-up Jim, the coordinator of the event, advised the number had grown to 425. The final number of attendees might have been even higher. Each morning and at breaks the room was full to overflowing.The looks, when approaching our display, were those of “what’s this all about?” and then the question was asked “your women are against the registry?” The sharing of information concerning the collateral damage experienced by our families as well as numbers and statistics were visibly an eye opener for most. In a conversation with one of Thursdays speakers the horrible story of the Parkers in South Carolina was shared as well as the disturbing intent of the skinhead couple uncovered when they were apprehended. Several times after that, if the story was being shared, the person would indicate one of the speakers had talked about it. So, it was noted and shared with all attendees during a presentation.

The W.A.R. exhibit focal point was a picture of a casino wheel with the wording “Please don’t gamble with our registrant families lives” and even included dice. That received some “play” and lots of views. We had previously used the same focal point at the Legislative Summit in Minneapolis.

The attorneys could enter a drawing for a $10 Walmart gift card by placing their business card in the box. Our winner was a lady from Arizona who was delighted.

Included in the display was a solicitation sign asking the attorneys to refer their client families to our organization to allow us to offer them support during what we all know is a very difficult and stressful time.

Two good discussions began with the pictures of Tonya B’s son’s wounds, bruises and stitches from being attacked with a tire iron by a former co-worker and his cousin. It was undeniably a serious vigilante attack. The other was a list of punitive punishments and restrictions which presented the opportunity for sharing academic studies refuting a valid need for them. Thanks to all for the help in gathering this information.

We also asked about young clients who had some form of autism (i.e. Asperger syndrome, etc.) as one of our folks has taken on the project of collecting data with the help of a group from Harvard University.

One female attorney from Ohio said she was impressed with the message our organization is delivering. We also received a “thumbs up” and “I’m with you!”

One attorney from Nevada stopped by to get some literature when leaving the conference and stated, “I guess it does affect the family” and then “it is very courageous to speak out about something that people don’t want to hear and I commend your organization for that!”

There was much discussion about the lack of pro-bono hours offered by attorneys and our need for assistance in writing better legislation in their states which would help our families.

We are asking you, our faithful members and supporters for help. We are asking for your donations to purchase new exhibit banners as well as more professional table displays, funds to ship these displays, printed materials and to continue providing the support line. The donations can be sent via PayPal on our website, W.A.R. Facebook page or mailed to Women Against Registry, P.O. Box 463, Arnold, MO 63010. We thank you in advance and appreciate all your help.

Happy Thanksgiving!
W.A.R. Admin Team

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